2008 Trip To Thailand And Japan


I have wanted to travel to Japan for a very long time (10+ years?). It's a total geek destination, and frankly I'm very interested in the culture, and country etc.

Trip Planning

Options of things to do in Thailand

  • City Stuff
    • Hang out like at least one day in Bangkok - check out any markets or cool stuff, or just general feel of city
    • Food - since Shostak said it's better than NYC (and WAY cheaper)
    • Massage - Thailand is supposed to be renowned for their inexpensive and skilled masseuses, and I occasionally have back pain… perfect
    • Take pictures of elephant if roaming around the city
    • By cheap souvenirs
  • Outsite City
    • 1 day discovery scuba dive
    • Pai, Mae Hong Son & Chiang Mai - recommended by Shostak - I think nature place =)

Options of things to do in Japan

  • Tokyo stuff
    • Stay one night at capsule hotel
    • Meet up with MT - who promised to guide us around Tokyo for a day or two
    • Sony Town
    • Hostess Bar
    • Cosplay something or other?
    • Ride / navigate subway
  • Ride bullet train
  • Mt Fuji
  • A picturesque temple or two
  • Hiroshima
  • Food
    • Ramen
    • Sushi
  • Aikido
    • Maybe check out an Aikido Dojo (is Keo still out there?)
  • Sent email to my Aikido Sensei - to see if he has any recommendations
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