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T-Mobile G1

  • Unlocked T-Mobile G1 from - was very easy (required a non T-Mobile SIM in order to enter network lock code) - $24
  • G1 Thailand AIS APN Settings
  • Possible improvements to the G1
    • Bluetooth profile support
      • Send and receive files
      • Print to a bluetooth printer
      • DUN
    • Ad-hoc wifi networking
      • to use the inet connection of a LAN connected computer
      • to share the cellular connection with PDAs or Laptops
    • Mobipocket reader

Android Sites


General Android thoughts

People often ask me why the G1 is cool. My reasons are why Android is cool, more than the G1, but people want concrete examples, so I'll try to collect a few.

  • Reasons why Android is cool
    • Completely open source - this is awesome and amazing (the lay person will see this benefit as awesome and amazing in 10 years)
    • hardware and software separation (this is a big reason why PCs took off at the time they did. Hardware and Software development cycles are completely different and for the best product, should be separated as much as possible. M$ is the only vendor doing this in the mobile space right now, and they are doing it extremely poorly)
    • good foundational architecture
    • google is not being greedy - they are not trying to screw everyone to increase their profits, but instead betting that creating the best platform for Developers, Carriers, Manufacturers, and eventually Users will also benefit themselves - I love this philosophy - It requires persistence, but has been proven effective time and again
    • User first - no clunky political restrictions on the technology. Super easy to put files, songs, applications on the device
    • The API is good - very easy to use and powerful as well
  • Concrete examples of how the G1 is cool
    • Compare Everywhere - They used an open source library scan a barcode using the camera, then search pricing databases online for local stores and online shops. If this takes off, it will change how the geeks shop
    • ConnectBot ssh - ok, a lot of devices have an ssh client, but this is the first device I've had with a slick ssh client, and the power of Android is what meant it was available for free at launch
    • shazam is cool - although that is on the iPhone as well - porting easy & apps like podcast listeners won't be controlled by apple - transfer songs easy, etc
    • It took me only one minute to figure out how to and get my application installed on the device

Transitioning from Palm to Android

Android App Ideas

  • android use cases
    • calendar
    • contacts
    • web access
      • email
      • maps / traffic / navigation
      • twitter
      • news
      • rss
      • trade stocks (ameritrade)
      • facebook
      • myspace
      • watch videos
        • youtube
        • would be awesome to get other vid sites too!
        • TED,
      • check movies
      • access and be notified of exchange email somehow (check with any blackberry execs to see if imap access is open?) Or figure out a port forwarding trick?
      • shopping
    • games
      • vexed
    • custom apps
      • palmasutra?
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