Apn Settings That Enabled Data Connection For Me On Ais In Thailand

Settings that worked for me on AIS Thailand's Network
I entered, saved and didn't have to reboot before it worked.

I could check the "Data access" field on the Settings->About Phone->Status page to see if it was working. "Disconnected" was bad, "Connected" was good. And the E with up and down arrows popped up as soon as the data was working

name: ais-gprs.internet
apn: internet
proxy: <blank>
port: <blank>
username: ais
password: ais
mmsc: mms.mobilelife.co.th
mms proxy: <blank>
mms port: 80
mcc: 520
mnc: 01
apn type: <blank>

  • What works
    • Data (web and other data apps)
    • google account sync - ex: contact updates sync with google
  • What doesn't work
    • MMS (sending a picture through Messaging) - just send an email instead
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