Automation Of Project Management

Project Management is difficult

Probably the most difficult part of software development.

As we see it, it consists of the following three broad areas

  • Communication
    • Requirements Management
    • Change Management
    • Release Management
    • Status Management/Communication
  • Resource Allocation
    • How to most efficiently allocate resources on a project
    • Handle losing employees effectively - allow part time employees
    • Handle adding new employees smoothly
  • Forecasting
    • Time estimation
      • No matter how hard they try, 9 women cannot make a baby in one month. There are certain fundamental laws which cannot be broken.
      • Both the customers and the developers deserve a realistic view of the project progress and predicted progress
    • Budgeting
      • Good software isn't cheap, but the whole point is for it to be cost-effective - gold plating and rushing to market are both to be avoided. Like all engineering this is about making good trade-offs.

Key Assumption/Theorem: Software has unlimited potential.
There is always room for improvement, and over time, there is also maintenance required to fight entropy.

Software Development Bill of Rights

Our top project management goals are

  • facilitate effective communication between all involved parties
    • History of all communication - accessible by any involved party through a web interface
    • Any meetings are logged with notes
  • memory
    • historical metrics
    • why was such and such requirement done this way? who last changed it?
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