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Suggestions on contacting me / keeping in touch

If I know you, and you want to contact me

  • IM is my preferred casual communication method
    • google chat: moc.liamg|kesaka#moc.liamg|kesaka
    • AIM:SEKucsd
    • Yahoo: SEK_ucsd
    • MSN: moc.liamtoh|dscu_kes#moc.liamtoh|dscu_kes
    • MySpaceIM: moc.leizdruknats|ecapsym#moc.leizdruknats|ecapsym
  • Twitter seems to be coming of age as a way of keeping in touch with a social circle
    • I'm at & If I know you (or you are interesting for other reasons), and you use twitter, I'd like to follow you too
  • Email also works
    • moc.leizdruknats|kes#moc.leizdruknats|kes
  • Cell
    • I'm not much of a chatter on the phone - since it cuts down on my multitasking, but if you honestly think I'd be happy to hear your voice, you are probably right
      • 858-232-1831

If you want to know what I'm up to

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