Ide Key Shortcuts


action Eclipse Intellij Netbeans Sublime
organize imports ctrl-shift-o ctrl-alt-o n/a by default
format code ctrl-shift-f ctrl-alt-l Edit->Line->Reindent
format code ctrl-shift-f ctrl-alt-l ⌘-shift-p, Reindent
quick fix ctrl-1 alt-enter alt-enter
find usages ctrl-shift-g
delete line ctrl-d (delete) ctrl-y (yank) ctrl-e (erase) ⌘-x
move line alt-[up or down] ctrl-shift-[up or down] alt-shift-[up or down]
clone line ctrl-alt-[up or down] ctrl-d (duplicate) ctrl-shift-[up or down]
open class ctrl-shift-t (type) ctrl-n ctrl-o (open)
open other file ctrl-shift-r (resource) ctrl-shift-n alt-shift-o ⌘-p
open method ctrl-o ctrl-f12
start new line shift-enter shift-enter shift-enter
go to test file ctrl-j (MoreUnit plugin) ctrl-shift-t ctrl-alt-t ⌘-shift-f
search inside files ctrl-h ctrl-shift-f ctrl-shift-f
turn on block select shift-alt-a shift-alt-insert ctrl-shift-r
search menus ctrl-3 ctrl-shift-a ⌘-shift-p
add static import ctrl-shift-m alt-enter ?
action Eclipse Intellij Netbeans Sublime
back ctrl-alt-<left> ctrl-alt-<left> alt-left ctrl-shift-<
forward ctrl-alt-<left> ctrl-alt-<left> alt-right ctrl-shift-<
goto last edit point ctrl-q
action Eclipse Intellij Netbeans Sublime
rename ctrl-alt-r shift-f6 ctrl-r
extract local var ctrl-alt-l ctrl-alt-v alt-shift-v
extract method ctrl-alt-m ctrl-alt-m alt-shift-m
less frequent
action Eclipse Intellij Netbeans Sublime
block/column editing hold alt and left drag lines hold ⌘ & click each line
find-all then manipulate multiple cursors
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