Lemons Concept Supra

Either an mk2 body with a mk3's 7M-GTE, or just an mk3 which has been fixed up.

Reg Riemer created a car - the SupraGTE which was a mk2 with 7M-GTE that he got up to 339 rwhp with 398 ft lbs of torque. There is a lot of tech info on the internet about doing the engine swap and fixing the BHG (bad head gasket) issues that plague the 7M-GTE engines. In the end, it's a pretty cheap way to get a lot of power and the mk2 body stripped should result in a fairly light car. Some suspension upgrade and it's possible it would be an awesome Lemons car.

  • Body: mk2 or mk3 - just find one with a decent frame, not running - $100
  • Engine: a engine which looks in fairly good condition except for the BHG on 7M-GTE - $250
  • Suspension: ? should be able to buy a decent used one somehow - maybe coil overs and cut springs
  • Sell seats and some other interior items, maybe RIMS? would that count?
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