Linux is probably my favorite OS: solid, open, and owned by no one. Of course it also has its share of problems.

Ubuntu silliness - tons of ways to change tasks:

  1. alt-tab / alt-shift-tab - popup simple tab window - the old standby - Windows users should be familiar with this one, and unlike most versions of windows, ubuntu's pop up window allows you to click on the thumbnail of apps - nice
  2. windows-tab / windows-shift-tab - large thumbnail pager - I believe this was copied from windows vista. Or vise versa? Or possibly originated in Mac OS - either way, I don't find much practical use for it, and not sure anyone else does either
  3. windows-e - zoom out on multi-desktops - I do find this one fairly useful, as it's possible to drag the small windows to other desktops or monitors
  4. windows-w - mac os style expose view of all apps on that desktop
  5. windows-a - mac os style expose view of all apps on all desktops
  6. control-alt-left/right - switch desktops
  7. ??? - there's some shortcut that pops up a window that allows you to search apps by title - have only popped up by accident before
  • I doubt there is anyone who remembers ALL of these and uses them all, but I guess it's nice to have options
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