Live The Dream

General Premise

After watching The Last Lecture, I added "Live your dreams" to my list of the purposes of life. Perhaps one of the main purposes of dreams is to give us something to aspire to, something to achieve.


This is my list of things to remind myself of the dreams I have lived. Some of them I may continue with after experiencing for the first time, as a hobby, and others may be one time experiences.

  • Skydive
  • Went to burning man conference
  • Own and fly RC Helicopters
  • Visit Japan
  • Travel the world (ongoing)
  • be attractive to women
  • become a Software Engineer
  • be a professional teacher (currently volunteer, but at a professional level for sure)


Things which inspire me, make me excited about the future, etc.

  • Attend the TED conference
  • View a total solar eclipse in person
  • visit antartica (still a bit half-baked)
  • Take a cruise to some tropical location
  • Create "game-changing" software
  • escape from the 40 hour/week work cycle - create my own hours, and give myself the ability to make living out dreams a higher priority
  • Run a customer-focused super-productive trend-setting software company
  • Publish a book (most likely topic at the moment is teaching computer programming)
  • Drive a super or near-super car along the lines of a BMW M5
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