Keyboard Shortcuts

I'm used to the standard keyboard shortcuts on PCs running Linux and Windows - not as familiar with Mac shortcuts, so when I got a macbook, I had to learn some.


  • move forward or back one word alt+left/right arrow
  • move to the end of the line apple+left/right arrow
    • in some apps, this is overridden - for example, in firefox, this is a
  • force close apple+alt+esc

Specific needs

  • switch tabs in firefox control+tab
  • switch windows in firefox (and other apps) apple+~ / apple+shift+~

In x-windows (gimp, and other open source apps), and remote desktop to PCs - the control key shortcuts are still used instead of apple. This is quite annoying. I don't think the human brain is as capable of this kind of crap as one may think. It would be very nice to have a unified key shortcut system somehow


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