in general i believe that it's possible to learn from anyone you encounter.

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  • Why use twitter?
    • free and very easy to use/syndicate, etc micro-blog - let people who care know what you are up to - thoughts, pictures, essays, talks, etc.
    • closely connected non-geographically based communities (interest or topic based instead)
    • insight into thoughts and day-to-day actions of people you otherwise wouldn't have
    • real time info - for disasters, events, etc
    • trending topics - marginally more real-time pulse of the people than other sites
  • People I follow
    • Software
      • Kent Beck - Author of Extreme Programming Explained, JUnit, and much more.
        • One of the people I follow most closely as far as Software Development methodology
      • Ward Cunningham - Creator of wiki - awesome software idea guy
      • Uncle Bob Martin - Author of Clean Code, founder of Object Mentor
        • A strong sofware personality. Genuinely enjoy hearing what he has to say
      • Michael Feathers
      • Martin Fowler - Prolific software author. I loved Refacoring, UML Distilled
      • David Heinemeier Hansson - Creator of Ruby on Rails, Partner at 37signals
        • Very good speaker, good coder. More than a little jealous of his career - business mentor for me =)
      • [Chad Fowler]
      • Ron Jeffries - Author of XP Installed
        • Haven't actually read any of his books. His tweets are interesting though, but he's in danger of deletion unless I
    • Basketball
      • [Shaquille O'neal]
      • Mark Cuban - billionaire founder of and owner of the Dallas Mavericks
        • 3.9 tweets / day
      • Steve Nash - one of the greatest point guards of all time
        • ~1 tweets / day - sometimes posts marketing goop, but sometimes cool
      • [Slam Online] - syndication of bball news. I don't think twitter is the best medium for syndication of feed info (RSS is probably better), but following Slam magazine allows me to stay current on NBA news
    • Friends
      • Llewellyn Falco - A force in the San Diego software community
      • Justin Black - Long time friend and fellow hacker/geek - father of 2 awesomely cute girls
      • Eric - Met him through XPSD
      • June Clark - Co-organizer of the XPSD group - Her little sister can out-drink me, but that's ok, cause they are Irish
      • Lynn Langit - Met her at Barcamp SD5 - Microsoft Employee, Author, and fellow tech educator of the young
      • Leea Harlan - We used to date
      • Chris Hedgecock - Runs
      • Aaron Vondehaar - Fellow Instructor at
      • Bryan Bingham - My cousin, chiropractor
    • Other
      • Malcolm Gladwell - Author of Blink, The Tipping Point, and Outliers - three excellent books, unfortunately a very infrequent twitterer
      • Weird Al Yankovich - my favorite celeb follow - seems like a cool guy
      • Mr Lif - One of my favorite underground hip hop artists
      • Borat (Sasha Baren Cohen) - Sometimes consider deleting him, but about 50% of his tweets are hilarious
      • CricketNation - Very curious which fellow Cricket employee (or perhaps someone at headquarters?) runs this account
      • KPBS - another syndication - San Diego New specific - <1 tweet/day, so it's not too much to follow
  • People I used to follow
    • Software
      • Alex Miller - Java, Clojure, JVM, concurrency, sem web, Strange Loop, Lambda Lounge, Revelytix, nachos, beer, music
        • Interesting to follow, but un-followed during a period when trying to cut down on sheer number of tweets / day
      • Noah Everett - Founder of twitpic - don't remember following him in the first place - seems interesting, but just too much
    • Friends
      • Dan Viss - met him at Bar Camp, and I like following him. However, at nearly 50 tweets/day, it's just TOO much to keep up with. If clients finally add in the collapse by user feature, maybe I could follow again.
      • Michael Lundberg - Perficient account manager - too many soccer tweets… not into soccer.
    • Celeb
      • Baron Davis - He seems cool, and I appreciated some of his sincere-sounding "I love the fans" tweets, but just wasn't interested in most of the stuff he talks about on a day to day basis
      • Akrobatik - Love his rap, Balance is a great song. Not as keen on his tweets - seems like a bit of a whiner and 15 tweets / day! is way too much
      • Shawn Marion - Also seems cool enough, although, after following a few basketball players, they seem more like average people than anything else. He tweets at a rate of nearly 20 tweets / day
    • Companies
      • CricketNation - Former employer - no longer as interested now that I don't work there
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